Your shooting day on the canary island Gran Canaria

Photography for women & men, couples & families

Holiday Photography

Stylish & erotic nude photos

Theme Photography

Whether in normal workaday clothes, dreamy in a romantic way or in varnish & leather lingerie …

Bring your own accessories & favorite outfits or slip into new roles if you wish.

It doesn’t matter if you already have experience or not, what matters is:

Don’t do anything while you aren’t feeling well.

Tips for your shootingday

* Be careful with tight clothing on the shooting day! So you can avoid marks on the skin. Note that even socks can cause unsightly edges on the skin.

* Style your nails and hair already at home, and put your eyebrows in shape 1 to 2 days before.

* Sunbathing, but also a visit to the solarium should be date back at least two days ago because of unsightly skin stripes and redness.

* Sleep well! A shoot can be exhausting and dark circles around the eyes or a tired facial expression can be avoided.

* Try to schedule your shoot so that it doesn’ t take place on your “days”. Women often feel fatigued on these days, or it is difficult to feed in the stomach.

* Bring your best outfits like lingerie, stockings, scarves, necklaces, hats, evening dresses, bikini or swimsuit / swimwear, jeans and shirts. Try on 3 – 5 outfits for the shooting day and prepare them.

* With a wrap / jacket you could prevent a subcooling in the breaks depending on the weather.

* High-heeled shoes ensure a nice posture.

The important thing is that you feel good. If you have any questions, do not hesitate and just write me. I would like to know more about your wishes, how you imagine your shoot and how you would like to see you in the photos. Maybe you’ ve also seen on the Internet or in a magazine photos you like and you can show me as an example. The more I can learn about your wishes, the more successful will be the photo shoot.

In order to be able to plan the shooting day even more precisely and to be able to discuss the procedure, it would be best to call in advance. So we can also agree on which locations you would like, etc.

General shooting conditions

The shooting price includes a consultation before the photo shoot, brainstorming and staging, photo shoot, image editing & web optimization of the resulting images.

Depending on the agreement, the following costs are paid separately by the customer (optional): Special Costumes / Outfits / Accessory, Special Places, Stylist

From all the images that were created during the shoot, Tara Motion Photography will choose only the best raw images for post-production / image editing / composing.

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